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Fitzgerald Stables offers year ‘round English riding lessons for children ages 3 years and above and adults.  Our lessons are held 6 days/week, and we offer daytime, after-school and weekend schedules.  We also offer the Homeschool community riding opportunities during the school day.

Children are our specialty and we emphasize safety, knowledge of horses and cultivating foundational riding skills, and of course, FUN.  We have safe horses and ponies and kind, patient instructors who have years of riding and teaching experience.  Lessons are on-going, similar to ballet or other year ‘round sports.  Please note that learning to ride does not happen in a short time... learning to ride is progressive and builds skills over a period of time.   

Group Lessons—Fall Semester


Group Lessons will have 2 sessions, you will have the option of signing up for 1 or both sessions (there is a 5% discount if you sign up for both sessions), students from Session 1 will have priority in Session 2:

#1- 8 week session, September 3 - October 27, 2019 

#2 -8 week session, October 29- December 22, 2019

1 make-up day is built into each session

Group Lesson Fee: (max of 4-5 riders/1-hour)

Each session $350 (must complete 7 lessons in 8 weeks)

Both sessions $662 (must complete 14 lessons in 16 weeks)

Registration and full payment required to qualify for the two-session discount.


Prior to enrolling in our group lessons, an Evaluation Lesson must be scheduled to ensure that you are placed in the correct riding group (this applies to new students only). The cost of the eval is $50 for a 30 mins. evaluation, please contact us to set up a date. Students with no prior riding experience must begin with private or semiprivate lessons (if there is another beginning student available) initially. The instructor will work with the student until the she believes that the student is able to safely join a group lesson.


All lessons in each session must be taken by the end date of the session. If signing up for both sessions, lessons must be completed by December 22nd. Lessons are not refundable, however, under certain extreme cases (such as medical) we may consider.

You may sign up for both sessions to secure your spot in the next session and receive 5% discount (must pay for both sessions at once). 

**NOTE: REGARDING Group lessons: If fewer than 3 riders are present at the time of the lesson, lesson will be shortened to 45 mins. (or may be cancelled/rescheduled); if only 1 student is present, lesson will be 30 mins. (or may be cancelled/rescheduled).

Semi-Private & Private Lessons:

Semi-private & Private lessons do not follow a session format.  For ease in scheduling, December 22nd will be the last lesson available for the semester, and all lessons in your block must be complete. Lesson fees will be adjusted to meet this date.

Semi-Private Lesson Fee (2 riders of the same riding level/1 hour)

Pay-As-You-Go: $70/lesson per student

4 lesson block $240 (must complete 4 lessons in 5 weeks)

8 lesson block $456 (must complete 8 lessons in 9 weeks)

If only 1 student is present, lesson will shorten to 30 mins. or may be cancelled/rescheduled)

Private Lesson Fee (1 rider/45 mins.)

Pay-As-You-Go: $80/lesson 

4 lesson block $280 (must complete 4 lessons in 5 weeks)

8 lesson block $532 (must complete 8 lessons in 9 weeks)

PonyPal Lesson (30 min. Leadline Lesson, children 3-5 years)

4 lesson block $160/student 

Trial Lesson (30 min. assessment)


Homeschool Riding Program

Horseback riding is a great activity for homeschool families, as well as a great social sport. At Fitzgerald Stables your children can ride and learn together in a small group, or you may opt to take private lessons, depending on your schedule.  


Lessons are weekdays, from  September - June, and are during the school day, from 10 AM - 2 PM, Tuesday - Friday. Lessons are offered in blocks of 4 & 8 weeks for private lessons, ages 5 and up. Group Lessons are offered in 8 week blocks only.  If there are 2 children who wish to ride together in a lesson and can commit to a consistent day/time, we are able to teach a semi-private lesson, see private lesson rates.

Private Homeschool Fee (45 min.)

4 week block: $240

8 week block: $440

Semi-Private Homeschool Fee (60 min.)

4 week block: $210/student

8 week block: $400/student

Group Homeschool Fee (2 or more students/1 hour)

8 week block $360/student

If only 1 students is present for a lesson, it will be shortened to 30 minutes. Students are grouped with similar abilities, students must be able to tack up, walk/trot and handle their mounts independently.

Payment Method

Payment for lessons must be made prior to the beginning of the lesson session, or the day of the 1st lesson. Timely payment ensures that you will have a reserved lesson for the desired day/time. All checks must be made to: Fitzgerald Stables, or you may use PayPal, however a $5.00 convenience fee must be added. At this time we do not accept credit cards, but are looking into offering this service in the near future.

Cancellation & Make-up Policy

All cancellations, or reschedules MUST be made 24 hours ahead of time of scheduled lesson to be eligible for a make up. If less than 24 hrs., such as with an illness, students who are able to ride independently can have practice ride (no instruction) with barn manager, otherwise, they will have to forfeit a lesson.  Please note that we do not give make-up lessons for make-up lessons; they are considered a forfeit. You must call/text to: (703)867-7062 — if no answer you must leave a message or text!


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