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Fitzgerald Stables is a family-run business in The Plains, Virginia. We began our boarding & lesson barn business in Great Falls over 17 years ago. Our staff is comprised of family and friends, who have a love of horses and enjoy working with them on a daily basis.

Tammy Fitzgerald, Owner

After many years of being a stay at home mother to 8 children, she jumped head-first into the horse world and never looked back.  It all began with bringing her 2 daughters to weekly riding lessons, then purchasing 2 horses and then eventually renting her own barn and offering boarding.  Tammy became active in the local horse community and continues to this day.  She grew up riding occasionally while living in Canada, but only became more involved when her girls took a serious interest.  She started Fitzgerald Stables in Great Falls, and worked hard to establish a business that is noted for top-notch care of horses.  Tammy has worn many hats throughout the years, and can be seen around cleaning stalls, or giving a horse a bath, and when not being “hands-on” at the barn, can be found in front of the computer answering emails and updating events and schedules.

Erin Fitzgerald, Manager/Head Instructor

Erin took her first riding lesson at age 9, and that began a life-long passion for the equestrian world.  She spent every day after school, and every weekend at the barn, learning horse care, running a small business and going to horse shows.  Parents were so impressed with her knowledge that they began asking Erin to teach their children how to ride. Erin’s love of horses expanded over the years, and once she graduated from high school, she knew her future was to be in the equine world that she loved.  She went on to graduate from Virginia Tech with an Animal Science degree in 2015.  Erin joined the staff of an elite equine sport horse training and breeding facility, Hilltop Farm, in Maryland.  There she learned many aspects of running a large breeding facility.  While at Hilltop, Erin learned about breeding and foaling as well as handling the yearlings.  In 2017, Erin returned to Fitzgerald Stables full-time and is integral to the success of the family business. She now handles most of the day to day operations, making sure the horses are all healthy and happy, and keeping the barn clean and safe.  Erin is the lead instructor and teaches the majority of the lessons.

Bridgid Fitzgerald, Asst. Manager/Instructor/Camp Counselor

At age 5 Bridgid rode her first horse—Lena, a big, thick quarter horse, and she was hooked. She has always been a dedicated, serious and hard working student, always cultivating her equitation skills and is now quite accomplished at several disciplines.  Bridgid has ridden in many shows and rode for a local IEA team while in high school.  She is currently studying at West Texas A&M University where she has opportunities to continue to ride, including western. Bridgid is one of our camp counselors and is an important part of the family business.

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